Bees symbolize fertility, hard work and unity. Together with the honeycomb they can be used to represent order and stability.

The striped insect has been used since ancient times to symbolize purity and zeal, among royal families. 

It has different meanings among different cultures like Egyptian tradition in which it was used to symbolize energy and life.

The Chinese sought it as a symbol of prosperity and the general cycle of economic well being. 

There are many ways in which the bee logo can be used to represent a company, depending upon the goods or services they sell. 

Here are a few clothing brands that use the bee logo to represent the idea behind their company and how they are using it to sell their products.

Just Bee Queen

Just Bee Queen is a female clothing brand founded by Maria and Sydney, where their headquarters lie in Florida. 

Their clothing lines are inspired by Cuban culture, bringing into light fun and flirty designs, casual enough to wear at the beach but fabulous enough to carry you through the night.

It has been functioning as an online retail brand for the last several years and has gained prestige in the world of women’s fashion with the ethical culture and sustainable habits it cultivated.

Their policies with their suppliers and outsources have been formulated for transparency, to create an honest relationship with their workers and employees and guarantee quality.

The raw material used for their clothing is handpicked and the manufacturing process is monitored, to ensure prolific and sustainable clothing for every woman to wear and enjoy.

Even though it is a high end, luxury brand Just Bee Queen conducts sales every few months so that customers can buy their goods at lower and more affordable prices.

The founders aim to create a clothing brand that promotes well-being and entails women empowerment through their powerful designs and flattering cuts.

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Magic Bee

The brand is known for its luxury streetwear style, where it combines function and comfort with the 90s street fashion. 

Their high quality mixed with the quirky designs make them all the more plausible for athleisure lovers, one of the reasons behind their popularity among fashion lovers.

This is how the brand has been for three years and is continuing to prosper throughout Europe as well as globally. 

Magic Bee has several stores across Greece and much of its products are sold through other vendors in Cyprus, France, and Spain, closing on approximately 200 sales points in the continent. 

All kinds of apparel are available on their website, for both men and women, including tops, bottoms and accessories, as well as sets.

Sales are frequently conducted on their items, and the brand also offers free deliveries over a certain price in certain regions.

Further questions will be cleared once you visit their website and see the variety they have to offer:

Bee Inspired

Bee Inspired has a lot to offer when it comes to comfy, classic apparel as well as a few trendy items to keep you in touch with current fashion while allowing you to maintain a unique style.

There’s so much variety to choose from on the online brand. A range of trousers and shirts can be found for both men and women, from casual to formal, as well as semi formal attire. 

You can also find active wear on Bee Inspired, where they have got their signature collections designed for both sexes. 

Their fine quality is something that is to be admired with the intermediary prices they are offered in. 

They also offer special services for customers who subscribe to their website as well as gift cards to create a healthy relationship with their audience.

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