Short and simple logos are often the most memorable, which is likely why many fashion brands choose to use a single letter as their logo.

And when it comes to the alphabet, “N” is one of the most famous letters used by clothing brands.

Although it might not signify anything in particular, the letter “N” is often used to create a strong and simple visual identity.

Some clothing brands use the letter “N” in their logo.

1.   Nevada Clothing Co.

This brand was started by Sydney-based designer Andie Wheeler who’d always loved fashion and design.

Her hometown inspired the brand’s name in the United States.

But what does the brand have to offer?

Nevada Clothing Co. is all about highlighting American pop culture.

The brand’s goal is to create fun, edgy, and stylish designs.

And they indeed succeed in doing so!

Moreover, they have everything from hobo dresses and pretty party wear to accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd.

But here is the catch!

The owner Andie believed in restoring old stuff; hence, the beautiful range you find at Nevada Clothing Co. has been cleverly upcycled from vintage materials.

You can be sure that no two pieces are the same!

Although the dresses are made from thrifted fabrics, they don’t look like them.

The overall aesthetic of the brand is youthful and fresh.

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2.   N°21

Finding a brand that offers luxury lines and casual wear can be difficult, but N°21 is one such brand.

Founded by Alessandro Dell’Acqua in 2010, the Italian label offers a range of clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and kids.

The “N” logo stands for Nero, Italian for black.

And as you might’ve guessed, the color black is a massive part of the brand’s identity.

N°21’s clothing often features dark and muted colors, with a few pops of bright hues here and there.

Moreover, the brand is also known for its unique take on classic silhouettes, where each piece is given a modern twist.

Whether looking for a new outfit for a special occasion or simply something to wear on a casual day out, you’re sure to find it at N°21.

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3.   NICCE

NICCE is a London-based streetwear brand that was founded in 2013.

The brand’s name is an acronym for “National Institute of Creative Communications and Events.”

And although it might not be as big as some other brands on this list, NICCE has made a name for itself in the streetwear scene.

NICCE’s clothing is all about being comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The brand offers a range of casual wear, such as hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets.

But they also have a few more formal options that are perfect for special occasions.

Moreover, it has some fabulous clothing lines for men and women while also offering student discounts.

What’s not to love about this brand?

Their prices are affordable, and the quality is impeccable.

You can shop at NICCE online or at one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

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4.   Nudie Jeans Co.

Founded in 2012, Nudie Jeans Co. believes in doing good for the environment!

The brand offers a range of sustainable and eco-friendly denim wear for men and women.

All of their jeans are made from organic cotton sourced from certified farms.

Nudie Jeans Co. tries to keep you comfortable while playing its part in saving the planet.

How amazing is that?

The company also has a “Repair Shop” where you can get your jeans repaired for free.

You have to bring in your old pair of Nudie jeans, and they’ll take care of the rest.

This is a great way to reduce waste and extend the life of your jeans.

So, if you’re looking for a new pair of eco-friendly and stylish jeans, then Nudie Jeans Co. is the way to go!

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