A symbol with multiple connotations is the hare. It may stand for the moon, the feminine, beginnings, and transformation. 

Hares are renowned for their agility and speed. They can travel swiftly through challenging terrain and easily flee from predators.

The Hare is regarded as a trickster figure in certain cultures. Hare metaphor can also help us learn the value of perseverance and hard work.

Clothing brands that chose the hare as their logo often have some sort of attachment to it in their journey. 

Let’s take a look at some clothing brands with a hare logo: 

Burrows & Hare

Independent menswear retailer offering high-end apparel, accessories, and grooming goods for men. 

Every product should be expertly constructed, long-lasting, and able to coexist naturally with individuals who utilize it and its surroundings. 

The staff at Burrows & Hare favor choosing products of higher quality that are produced by competent and talented individuals. 

Each object becomes timeless and becomes a modern classic thanks to traditional styling, premium materials, and precise finishing.

They link their lifestyle with the maxim “purchase fewer but better quality things” in order to lessen waste, pollution, and labor-related wrongdoing.

It honors the craftsmanship and product itself, however little. 

Shop them here: https://www.burrowsandhare.co.uk/ 

Buck & Hare

Glasgow-based Buck and Hare is a specialized design and adjustments business.

They have worked with Alan Edwards, David’s Bridal, Brides in the City, Dior, and other companies. They have also been published in Ion and I.D magazines, among other publications.

They have more than 25 years of expertise in the garment production, wedding industry, and fashion design.

For the extent of your needs for that ideal day, Buck and Hare provides freelancing bespoke bridal modifications and fitting services.

From the initial fit, professional knowledge, and advice, to completely bespoke goods, we cater to your needs.

You can view the store at http://www.buckandhare.com/ 

Limen Clothing

The brand Limen Clothing was created in January 2011. It sells streetwear apparel made in small quantities. 

The brand promotes creativity and personality in addition to high-quality fabrics and designs. The brand is influenced by a variety of things, including nature, the arts, music, literature, movies, and comic books.

Limen is a term that means “threshold.” This word expresses the threshold of a psychological or physiological response in the fields of psychology and physiology. 

The concept of limitations and boundaries is implied by the word Limen, including those between life and death, darkness and light, and reality and fiction. It suggests that something is on the cusp of two realities.

It is a humanoid creature with an unpredictable, roguish personality. He is referred to as a “God” who maintains equilibrium between good and evil and between order and chaos. 

This person represents a force that, despite being physically lesser, is more cunning and intellectual. As a cultural hero, you rebel against the status quo. 

He criticizes social injustices, defies authority, refuses to take things at face value, and goes beyond bounds and restrictions.

You can shop them at https://www.limenclothing.cz/en/ 


Zajo is a European sportswear brand that focuses on sustainability.

At Zajo, the love of nature permeates every action. They want to provide each and every one of you access to the incredible experiences they think are out there. 

Because of this, they have been producing high-quality, reasonably priced gear for more than 25 years. This enables you to really appreciate these times.

Nature is not a given, and they are well informed that their duty extends well beyond merely directing you to the mountains. 

Their duty is to make every effort to reduce as much as possible the negative effects of their deeds and their production on the environment.

Their actions are founded on the fact that sustainability is one of their top concerns.

To ensure that their influence is as little as possible, they thus meticulously study every activity that occurs at Zajo, including both internal and external procedures that are involved in the creation of garments.

They work to uphold their commitment to the environment and to you in this way. 

They make the commitment to themselves that they will never say enough to themselves and that they will constantly seek to improve in these areas.

View the collection on their website: https://www.zajo.net/ 


Running company Tracksmith clothing brand operates independently. They pay tribute to the competitive amateur runners who are committed to striving for personal achievement. 

They provide thoughtful and genuine products for training, competition, and downtime. They strive to honor, promote, and enrich the distinctive culture of running in everything they do.

The hare in their emblem is an animal that thrives on speed. As a survivor rather than a predator. A runner’s runner is the hare. The eternal target of the pursuit. 

The hare is frequently described as the trickster in folklore and mythology: quick-witted and outsmarting his enemies at every turn.

Tracksmith is a competitor as well. They thrive on their innovation because they lack the scale or size that most brands enjoy. Because they are little, they must be more agile, swift, and cunning.

They support rivalry and the egalitarianism of racing. Not so much because winning or losing are especially significant, but because competition takes us on a path that is fundamentally human. 

The intense physical and mental rigors of exercising and competing result in a life that is richer, more sensitive, and more exciting. They help us become better people.

Their website is https://www.tracksmith.com/