A footprint logo symbolizes the trustworthiness and reliability of a brand.

It is often used by companies that want to convey a message of environmental responsibility or sustainability. 

In some cases, a footprint logo may also be used to represent the company’s commitment to social obligation. 

For example, a company focusing on Fair Trade practices may use a footprint logo to communicate this commitment to its customers. 

Whether it represents environmental or social responsibility, a footprint logo is a strong indicator that a brand can be trusted.

Lately, more and more consumers are becoming interested in supporting responsible businesses.

Therefore, the popularity of footprint logos has been seeing continuous growth.

In this article, we’ll be shedding light on some of those clothing brands that use a footprint logo.

Let’s begin!

Hang Ten

Hang Ten is a California-based clothing brand that specializes in surf-inspired apparel.

The brand was founded in 1960 by Duke Boyd and Doris Moore.

Boyd had loved to surf since he was 12 years old.

He always knew what kind of clothing would go perfectly for surfing.

He discussed his apparel design ideas with Moore, who approved of them, and that’s how the duo came up with their first pair of board shorts.

Needless to say, their designs were successful, leading Hang Ten to become a favorite brand among surfers and beach-goers ever since. 

Hang Ten’s clothing is always stylish and comfortable, making it perfect for a day at the beach or a casual lunch with friends. 

The brand offers a wide range of tees, shirts, knit tees, board shorts, pants, sun protection, and cold protective clothing for both men and women. They also sell dresses and bikinis for ladies.

In addition to clothing, the brand also offers a range of accessories, including hats, sunglasses, masks, and backpacks. 

Their clothing is made of high-quality, sturdy material that can easily withstand aggressive waves while surfing. But, it’s also always on trend.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect swimwear or just a cute pair of shorts, you will surely find something at Hang Ten.

Check out their full range on their website https://hangten.com/ 

Mini Footprint

Mini Footprint is a clothing brand started by a Syrian garment technologist cum textile tech lecturer, Lara Alsayed, after moving to the UK when the war broke out in Syria.

While she realized that her options in the garment industry in the UK were limited, her broad knowledge of the textile industry paved the way for her to start her own business.

She was also given a scholarship to pursue a Masters’s Degree in the UK. It immensely helped her learn the concepts of globalization, which further helped her with her business.

While she worked in broad areas of garment production before starting her own venture, her aim was to develop a brand that offers sustainable clothing.

That’s why she named her brand Mini Footprint because it emphasizes reducing its carbon footprint by producing environmentally friendly garments.

Mini Footprint is an ethical clothing brand that focuses on reducing waste, improving sustainability, and creating a diverse work culture where everyone is compensated fairly.

The brand uses natural and high-quality fabrics to create unique and stylish apparel that doesn’t threaten the environment.

You can find skirts, tops, trousers, scarves, coats, jackets, capes, shawls, and much more on their website. They also sell preloved and upcycled items, pet clothing, and kids’ wear.

Here’s a link to their website https://minifootprint.co.uk/ 

African Footprints

African Footprints is a clothing brand that hails from South Africa. The brand’s logo displays the map of Africa as a footprint. 

The logo could indicate that the brand wants to leave an African footprint all around the globe, not in the wrong way. Or, it could also mean that this specific African brand is promoting sustainability practices.

The brand offers a wide range of apparel for men and women. Their website also displays a collection for kids.

The brand uses an extensive range of materials and colors for its clothing. In the women’s collection, you can find various apparel items, including sweaters, t-shirts, golf shirts, hoodies, and tank tops.

In the men’s collection, you can find tees, hoodies, polo shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, and sweatshirts. They are also planning to launch footwear for men soon.

The brand also has multiple sub-brands, African Footprints original, King, Queen, Prince, and Princess, targeting men, women, young boys, and young girls.

The brand is available in most African countries, including Nigeria, Tunisia, and Lesotho, and it offers delivery all across South Africa at a flat rate.

You can also place your order on Whatsapp, as the brand offers 24/7 customer service. Above all, if you don’t like your products, the brand gives you 10 days to return your items and claim a refund.

Here’s a link to their website https://africanfootprints-clothing.co.za/ 

Footprint Uniforms

Footprint Uniforms is a UK-based State level dealer and producer of clothing and embroidered marketing items.

The brand has been in the business for over twenty years, with many loyal customers all over the UK.

In addition to producing promotional clothing for companies and businesses, the brand also manufactures other merchandise showcasing a business’s corporate identity.

The brand offers a wide selection of clothing items, including tees, sweatshirts, sportswear, cardigans, and more. 

You can get the clothing customized in any way you choose, be it embroidery, print, or anything else.

The brand also produces uniforms, tracksuits, caps, and other similar items for schools, offices, clubs, and even individuals.

If you are unsure about your requirements and want to seek some expert opinion, you can take their design service.

Their highly skilled designing experts carefully listen to your specific needs. And based on the information you provide, they bring your vision to life.

They also have some standard design templates for different types of clothing. If you want to save up some bucks and the production time, you can opt for those.

All the materials used by the brand are locally sourced, and the production is also carried out within their factory in Plymouth.

To know more about their products and services, check out their website http://footprintuniforms.co.uk/