The dragonfly is a flying insect that is harmless to humans. Dragonfly is a common insect as it is present in almost every continent of the world except for Antarctica.

The dragonfly is considered to be one of the earliest insects to get wings. Dragonfly has very big eyes as almost every side of its head is a part of the eyes.

Because of their big eyes, Dragonflies catch their prey very quickly. A study shows that a dragonfly captured 90-95% of the prey that comes close to it.

Many companies including clothing brands have dragonfly logos to communicate their message to their customers.

The dragonfly logo is usually used to represent the change, transformation, and maturity that come with age. This logo is also used by companies to promote love, hope, and faith in life.

In this article, we have described some of the clothing brands that have a dragonfly logo.

Tyler böe

Tyler böe is a fashion brand that was started more than ten years ago by Sam & Karol Boe. Later their daughter also joined the company and all of them work as a team now.

The main purpose of Tyler böe is to create chic clothes. Tyler böe sells Clothes that are in fashion but they don’t follow the trends. 

Tyler böe does so by giving a contemporary touch to the classic styles of clothes. 

The main products of Tyler böe include different sorts of sweaters, dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear for both women and men.

The clothing items of Tyler böe are available in different stores and boutiques in Europe and the US. Tyler böe also has different boutiques in Maryland and Rhode Island which are states in the US.

This clothing brand has its headquarters in Garment District, Manhattan which is a neighborhood in New York City. 

Other than selling clothes directly to their customers through online or physical stores, Tyler böe also provides its wholesale collections to retailers under certain terms and conditions. 

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Dragonfly Brand

Dragonfly brand is a sportswear brand that was started by Petra and Petr. Both of them were sports enthusiasts and loved to work out but couldn’t find durable sports clothing on the market.

So they decided to start their brand which would make durable and flexible workout clothing. Currently the company ships to more than 80 countries around the world.

Like the name of the company, the Dragonfly brand also has a dragonfly logo. According to them, they’ve used this insect in their logo as it’s elegant, fragile, light, and durable at the same time.

As the clothing of the Dragonfly brand is supposed to be light and durable, hence using the dragonfly logo was ideal for them. So the dragonfly logo perfectly conveys the message of the brand

Dragonfly brand itself manufactures the sportswear in its and also makes some of its products in two other workshops in the European Union.

Dragonfly claims to be a sustainable brand as they use its shops to make clothes and do not use sweatshops.

According to them, the true meaning of sustainability is to make durable products and their products last for a long time due to their durability. The company sells sportswear for men, women, and kids. 

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Dragonfly Apparel

Dragonfly Apparel sells wholesale and customized apparel, bags, and other products such as office products, drinkware, etc.

Customers can get minimum six numbers of embroidering pieces and twelve pieces of screen prints from the brand.

Since they sell their product in large quantities so their target clients are small businesses, friends who want to get similar items, people who want to get clothing items for campaigns, etc.

To prove its authenticity, Dragonfly Apparel has shared a large loss of customer reviews on its website.

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