From the beginning of time, the dolphin has been seen as a cute, friendly sea mammal that radiates positivity and helps human beings in need.

This positive image of dolphins has made them everyone’s favorite sea animal.

Many clothing brands around the world use a dolphin logo to look like a positive and helpful brand, a tactic that helps them attract more followers. 

Want to know who these brands are? Keep reading till the end to find out. 

All Everything Dolphin 

Anyone who has been to Australia knows how amazing it feels to see the dolphins frolicking off the shore. 

All Everything Dolphin is an Australian clothing brand that was created to show just how much the Aussies love their dolphin friends. 

The brand owners Elle and Min begin the brand with small capital but big dreams. They created some cute dolphin cartoons and added puns to make their design catchy.

Their unique idea was well received by the locals and helped them build a clan of loyal customers. 

The business that started in 2019, is now growing stronger with new designs being added every so often.

Being a brand dedicated to sea animals, All Everything Dolphin makes sure that it does everything in its power to not pollute the already polluted oceans.

All their clothes, be it a t-shirt, cap, or hoodie are made on order. This prevents the wastage of mineral resources and excessive chemicals from running into the ocean.

Ten percent of all the sales made are donated to verified organizations like Whale and Dolphin Conservation to help them save the dolphins living in captivity and ensure their well-being.

If you love dolphins and want to become a part of a greater cause, check out the All Everything Dolphin website by clicking on the link below.

Dolphin Garment

Dolphin Garments is an Egyptian clothing company that was set up in 1990 and started manufacturing clothes in the middle of 1991. 

The company aims at producing high-quality, low-priced clothes from its clients’ desired fabrics. 

Be it stretch twill & denim, corduroy, twill, canvas, bull denim, sateen, or fleece, the skilled workers at Dolphin Garment transform it into well-tailored pants, skirts, shorts, or jeans.

Although the company has a loyal customer base, it still aims at improving its standard to produce clothes that are durable, well stitched, and available at market competitive rates. 

Dolphin Garments also have good environmental values. The sustainability targets are set every year and new methods are tested to reduce pollution. 

The best part about Dolphin Garments, however, is its ability to deliver the order on time.

The company takes a maximum of ninety days from the day of order confirmation to deliver the shipment. 

All these reasons play a major role in helping the company receive manufacturing orders from many big brands like Zara, Macy’s, Cross Jeanswear Co, U.S. Polo Assn, and One Jeanswear group. 

If you wish to learn more about the Dolphin Garment, click on the link below.

Pink + Dolphin

Pink + Dolphin was a streetwear brand that gained a massive following in 2013-2014.

 The brand offered its customers everything from unique designs to popping colors and was hell-bent to defy the general color rules set for the general.

For example, the brand started making pink t-shirts with dark-colored logos for men. 

The idea was well received by many celebrities at the time and famous singers like Chris Brown were seen wearing Pink + Dolphin clothing. 

Another thing that made the brand exclusive was that it did not print any of its items twice. So all the stock was limited edition and this made people crave the brand more.

Unfortunately, the founders were not able to handle the finances, and soon came the demise of Pink + Dolphin. 

The brand’s Instagram and Twitter accounts still exist so there is hope that soon Pink + Dolphin will come back bigger and stronger. Let’s just hope for the best.

If you want to check out the brand’s website, click on the link given below.

Dolphin Family Club Clothing:

The owner of Dolphin Family Club claims that the brand and all its loyal customers are one big family that cares about each other.

The brand produces clothes that are stylish and casual at the same time. It aims to come up with unisex designs that can easily be worn by any family member.

Along with style, the Dolphin Family Club Clothing pays close attention to the quality of clothes it produces. 

According to the brand’s About Us page, the clothes are carefully inspected at every stage to ensure that the customers get the best pieces. 

The South African brand is currently selling tracking suits, basketball suits, soccer clothes, vests, beach towels, and solo shorts.

The price range for the clothes starts from 400 South African Rands (22.76 US dollars), which is quite reasonable in our opinion.

The brand is still fairly new and for that reason, we wish them the best of luck for the future. Let’s see if this dolphin logo brand makes it as big as others. 

If you want to see what the Dolphin Family Clothing Club website offers, click on the link given below.

Miami Dolphins Apparel:

Miami Dolphins Apparel is the official clothing brand of the American football team, Miami Dolphins.

The brand was created to let the team’s die-hard fans shop their favorite Miami Dolphin Jerseys and accessories.

Miami Dolphins Apparel’s current hot-selling collection is NFL x Staple which the brand claims to be the best collaboration between streetwear and sports. 

The pullover hoodies from this collection are priced at 80 US dollars while the fleece shorts cost around 60 US dollars.

This may sound a bit overpriced but the Miami Dolphin fans are willing to pay any price to get their favorite football team’s clothing gear, so that’s a win-win for the store. 

Want to learn more about Miami Dolphins Apparel? Check out the website with the link given below.