Birds have held an important meaning and symbol in many traditions and cultures around the world for thousands of years.

They are thought to be the creatures connecting heaven and Earth.

Birds symbolize freedom, eternity, hope, peace, productivity, and so much more.

Different types of birds depict varied symbolism and meanings.

It was because of the diversity of the meanings behind each bird that brands and companies started incorporating them into their logos.

They use their logos to communicate what their brand signifies and what it stands for.

Want to know which clothing brands have birds as their logos? What do they signify, and have they really stood out for what they represent?

Let’s find out by scooping inside some brands that use birds as their logos.

Giorgio Armani

You must’ve heard this brand’s name in many celebrities’ awards ceremonies and galas.

High-profile people dressed up elegantly in Giorgio Armani’s suits and gowns are a common sight on television and in magazines.

This brand was created by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti in 1975.

Before starting his company, Giorgio had served in the army and then entered the fashion industry while working as a window dresser in Milan.

Giorgio used his sense and understanding of style to create apparel that oozes luxury, quality, and exclusivity.

His clothes soon appealed to the aristocrats of the society, and the brand took off.

When you look at Giorgio Armani’s brand logo, you can see an eagle with the letters G and A written on it.

The eagle pays tribute to the US, as the country is Armani’s biggest trading partner.

The eagle symbolizes courage, nobility, and strength. Interestingly, eagles are also known as the king of the skies.

The picturesque representation of the brand stands true to its line of products.

The brand is exclusively targeted toward the elite of society, and its products are very high-end and expensive.

This is one of the major reasons behind Giorgio Armani having a very limited but loyal customer base.

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American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters was founded as part of Silverman’s Menswear in 1977 by two brothers. The brand focused on selling casual and sportswear clothes.

As Silverman’s Menswear was struggling with its sales, the company was sold to Schottenstein in 1980.

Schottenstein completely revamped the management of the company in 1992, and since then, American Eagle Outfitters’ is in its flight toward success.

The company went public in 1994 and has gained a significant teenage fan base since the brand’s appearance in the tv series “Dawson’s Creek.”

American Eagle Outfitters’ logo showcases an eagle that is just about to fly over the company’s name. Eagles were the sacred animal of the highest of the Roman gods, Jupiter.

This is the reason why many western cultures and brands use Eagles as their symbol. They also symbolize strength, immortality, and courage.

American Eagle Outfitters operates in 51 countries and has more than 200 stores across them.

Their clothing is best known for being affordable and trendy, a quality that specifically appeals to teenagers and young people.

However, American Eagle Outfitters is a fast-fashion brand which means that most of the time, its clothes are unsustainable and promote quality over quantity.

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Hollister was founded in 2000 in Ohio. It belongs to Abercrombie and Fitch.

However, the company has been able to create a fake history where they claim that Hollister was first established by explorer Sir John Hollister who came to California back in 1922.

They created this fake story to attract young consumers based on their Southern Californian image and casual wear clothes.

Hollister uses a flying seagull as its logo. A flying seagull immediately reminds us of the seashore calmness with the soft sand and peaceful waves.

Seagulls also symbolize freedom and an unlimited horizon, a perspective that Hollister wants to convey to its young customers.

Hollister was a very popular brand in the early 2000s, but it later lost most of its customers to fast-fashion rivals.

Young teens no longer appreciated Hollister’s big design logos on the front of their clothes and their cologne-filled stores.

In 2017, Hollister’s CEO changed, and he completely revamped the company’s marketing and product designing strategies.

He also renovated the stores and eliminated the heavy cologne from them. This helped Hollister regain its popularity amongst teenagers as well as older customers.

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Lyle And Scott

Lyle and Scott is one of the oldest clothing brands with a rich history.

They started in 1874 in Scotland with just one factory manufacturing high-quality knitwear.

Until 1920, the company became quite famous for its knitted clothes collection and soon launched another outerwear apparel line.

They also launched their own golf-wear collection, which many famous sportsmen around the world have worn.

For example, Jack Nicklaus wore Lyle and Scott while winning his third championship in 1978.

The company’s current logo, a golden eagle, serves as a homage to the Scottish golf club, Gleneagles.

Apart from being known for its high-class golf-wear clothes, Lyle and Scott is also known for its unique patterns and prints.

Lyle and Scott have grown to become a world-famous British premium brand. Prince Philip himself awarded them a royal warrant.

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Eddie Bauer

The founder, Eddie Bauer, was born in 1899 and sold sports goods in his starting years. He was very famous in Washington for his remarkable marketing and shooting skills.

However, it wasn’t until 1935 that Eddie became a household name.

While soaking wet from rain and having signs of hypothermia, he got the idea of making Russian war soldiers-inspired thermal coats.

In 1940 he launched his first-ever diamond-patterned Skyliner jacket and later on went on to produce ten more designs of the exclusive Eddie Bauer coats.

His quilted coats and jackets were famous for being warm and lightweight, a quality that was very rare amongst the then US winter apparel.

Eddie Bauer’s logo features a goose with spread-out wings, flying in the East direction.

The goose signifies prosperity, abundance, and wisdom, qualities well-associated with Eddie Bauer.

However, Eddie Bauer did hit rock bottom in the 1980s. The sales dropped significantly, leading to a loss in profits.

However, the brand stabilized itself in early 2007 by expanding itself to cater to the budgets of every kind of person. They started making luxury as well as affordable outdoor clothes without compromising their quality.

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