Finding the best place to buy moissanite can be a daunting task for those looking to purchase this beautiful and affordable diamond alternative. With so many retailers to choose from, how can you be sure you are getting the highest quality moissanite at the best possible price? The key is doing thorough research before making this important purchase.

When searching for the best place to buy moissanite, it’s important to find a retailer that specializes specifically in moissanite. The best moissanite sellers have extensive knowledge of these lab-created gems and only sell the highest-grade stones. Sticking with a moissanite-focused retailer is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want.

By the end of this article, you will know exactly where to find the best place to buy moissanite. We will outline our top recommended retailers that offer outstanding moissanite stones, excellent customer service, reasonable and transparent pricing, and an overall exceptional buying experience. Let’s dive in and uncover the ideal places to purchase this stunning and economical alternative to diamonds.

Sparkling Stars: Start by Exploring Reputable Brands

When searching for the best place to buy moissanite, it’s wise to begin your search by exploring some of the top and most reputable moissanite brands on the market.

Charles & Colvard 

is a pioneering brand that first created moissanite gems in a lab. Their tagline “We are Made, not Mined” represents their commitment to ethically-sourced stones. Charles & Colvard is known industry-wide as one of the best places to buy moissanite with exceptional quality.

Brilliant Earth

an eco-conscious company focused on sustainable practices and dazzling designs. Brilliant Earth aims to cultivate a more transparent, sustainable, compassionate, and inclusive jewelry industry, making it one of the best places to buy moissanite for the ethically-minded buyer


established in 2005, MoissaniteCo has over 17 years of experience in the moissanite industry, establishing it as a leader in the field. Their expertise lies in custom creations, suggesting they offer personalized engagement rings, jewelry pieces, and possibly even custom-cut loose stones.


What makes them unique is their exclusive focus on moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands, without having to sift through other jewelry options. Their collection is thoughtfully categorized by style, including halo, solitaire, three-stone, vintage, and bridal sets. With over 25 years of experience solely dedicated to moissanite, She.said.yes has established itself as a leader in elegantly designed, one of the best places to buy moissanite rings. 

When searching for the best place to buy moissanite, beginning your search by exploring high-quality moissanite specialists like Charles & Colvard, Brilliant Earth, and MoissaniteCo is a smart strategy. Their expertise, selection, and reputations make them leaders in the moissanite industry.

Treasure Troves Online: Embrace the Convenience of Virtual Shopping

The internet opens up a world of convenient shopping possibilities when searching for the best place to buy moissanite. Online retailers provide easy access to moissanite sellers across the globe without ever leaving home.

James Allen 

is a great online option that offers 360° imaging technology to meticulously inspect stones before purchase. Their virtual experience combined with competitive pricing makes James Allen one of the best places to buy moissanite online.


connects buyers to talented independent jewelers. On Etsy, artisans craft handmade moissanite jewelry and custom designs. Discover an immense selection of unique moissanite treasures crafted with care and imagination.

ICE Cartel

For novelty over classic styles, ICE Cartel uniquely offers moissanite with exceptional clarity and reflectivity. ICE Cartel handcrafts these dazzling gemstones using 14k gold and sterling silver, ensuring enduring beauty. Designed for all identities, their inclusive pieces suit any taste. Undoubtedly the best place to buy moissanite. Visit Ice Cartel Today.

Brick-and-Mortar Brilliance: Don’t Forget the Charm of Traditional Shopping

For those who prefer an in-person buying experience, there are excellent brick-and-mortar options when searching for the best place to buy moissanite.

Local Independent Jewelers

Visiting allows you to benefit from personalized service and expert guidance in selecting your moissanite. Local jewelers offer one-on-one attention that can be the best place to buy moissanite.

High-End Department Stores 

High-end department stores provide access to luxury brands and curated collections in an elegant shopping atmosphere. Their moissanite selection may be more limited but also more exclusive.

Pawn Shops

An unexpected source to explore is pawn shops, which sometimes have hidden gem-quality moissanite at lower prices and are a potential best place to buy moissanite. Careful inspection is recommended, but you may discover a fortunate find.

While online shopping provides convenience, don’t overlook the brilliance of in-store options when looking for the best place to buy moissanite. The personalized attention of local jewelers, luxurious department stores, and discounted treasures of pawn shops are worth a visit.

Navigating the Moissanite-verse: Essential Tips for a Smooth Buying Journey

When searching for the best place to buy moissanite, arming yourself with key tips will ensure a smooth purchasing journey as you navigate the moissanite marketplace.

  • First, be sure to compare prices and certifications across different retailers. This is essential to guarantee you get fair value and only buy ethically sourced stones.
  • Next, consider the return policies of the sellers you are evaluating. Opting for retailers with flexible return policies gives peace of mind in case you need to exchange or send an item back.
  • Finally, read reviews and ask questions to gain trustworthy insights into a seller’s quality, service, and buying experience. Customer experiences provide invaluable guidance.

Following tips to compare prices, understand return policies, and weigh reviews empower you to confidently navigate your moissanite purchase. Doing thorough research helps identify the best place to buy moissanite according to your priorities and needs.

Final Words

Finding the best place to buy moissanite requires research to identify retailers that meet your priorities. There are excellent options spanning online stores, jewelry brands, independent jewelers, and department stores. Key aspects to compare include selection, pricing, certifications, reviews, and policies.

Being an informed buyer empowers you to navigate the moissanite marketplace with confidence. By following tips to compare prices, inspect certifications, weigh reviews, and understand return policies, you can make the optimal choice for your moissanite purchase. Do your due diligence and find the retailer that shines above the rest to provide you with an outstanding moissanite buying experience.


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