Even if you choose to wear a classic button-down or an edgy tank top, black jeans find their way through.

They can look good in any style or situation.

If your wardrobe consists of mostly black jeans, you can imagine how frustrating it can be when all your new black jeans turn gray after some washes.

Well, there are plenty of brands out there that sell good-quality black jeans, and they do not turn gray after getting washed.

Why do Black Jeans Fade?

The dye used in jeans does not stick to the fabric properly, which is why you will often see wear marks on your jeans in places you put your keys and wallet in.

The dye does not reach the core of the fabric; it only sticks to it externally.

This gives the jean a ring dye effect, and this is what fades the color of your jeans.

For jeans to stay the same color, you have to dye them numerous times so that the dye reaches the core.

Doing this prevents the ring dye effect.

So, where can you buy some good quality jeans which do not fade?

Five Men’s Black Jeans that Won’t Fade


Everlane is a pretty well-known brand due to its transparent price policy.

Their jeans are popular for staying black even after several washes.

Their jeans are popular for staying black even after several washes.

Everlane produces their black jeans with the help of permanent black dyes. These dyes help create jeans that remain black for long periods.

Apart from the fact that their jeans do not fade, they are also pretty affordable.

You can get a pair for only 68$.

7 For All Mankind

The 7 For All Mankind is recognized for its lightweight, airy jeans.

Typical jeans weigh around 12, while their jeans only weigh 5 ounces.

Even our favorite celebrities, such as Gigi Hadid and Cindy Crawford, love their jeans.

They purposely over-dye the jeans so that the color does not fade away, and that is exactly what we want.

Although their jeans can be a bit pricey, a pair costs about 169$, but they are worth every dollar.

Good American

Good American is Khloe Kardashian’s denim brand.

It is extremely popular not because it’s a celebrity brand but because they uphold quality.

Their jeans are known for their stretchability. They are curve-friendly and have a pretty unique style.

Their jeans also stay black and do not fade away.

Just like 7 For All Mankind, these jeans are a bit pricey, but judging from the fabric used, they are pretty sustainable and will last you a long time.

Their jeans cost around 100$-175$.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a brand we all have heard of.

If you are looking for some cheap black jeans which do not fade away, Old Navy is the place to go.

This brand proves that cheap jeans do not have to fade away.

Their jeans are normally under 50$, and they stay black due to the Never-Fade technology this brand uses.

They are available in multiple styles. You can easily find low rise, high rise, and mid-rise jeans here.


The jeans NYDJ manufacture have all been tested to make sure that they do not fade after washing.

Especially, the NYDJ’s Luxury Twill is made from such fabric that the jeans do not fade, and they stay flexible and stretchy as if they were just bought.

Many people who tried NYDJ’s jeans reviewed that the fabric stays as it is even after several washes.

Their jeans cost around 100$-120$.

Do All Black Jeans Fade?

Not all black jeans fade away, but only those that are made of poor-quality indigo dye fade away quickly.

The jeans that are made of permanent black dye stay the same even after you wash them multiple times.

How to Keep Your Black Jeans from Fading?

You can keep your black jeans from fading by washing them carefully.

The preferred method to wash jeans is to turn them inside out. Doing this will prevent the detergent from contacting the dye harshly.

Jeans that are washed inside out maintain most of their color and fade away less slowly.

Using a color-preserving detergent is also a way to prevent fading. You can buy these detergents in almost every supermarket.

Washing your jeans infrequently also reduces the chance of them fading away quickly.

So wash your jeans only when they need it and invest in a couple of good quality jeans, so you do not have to worry about your black jeans turning gray.

Final Verdict

Good quality jeans may be expensive, but they will last you a long time.

So, instead of buying lots of bad quality jeans which fade away, purchase one high-quality one.

Remember, you always choose quality over quantity.



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